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choice 4


after six months the

Live 24/7 Channel

is not gaining momentum


it's probably because i'm missing nine out of ten of the messages


this is a request for people who can give an hour a week of their time to reply to messages as they come in


i will put in three hours a day


for this endeavour to really come alive one hundred and fifty people need to be prepared to put aside an hour a week to reply to comments


if you want to help leave a message


with link 2 and 3 you will need to have a youtube account to leave a message


link 1 is the simplest way to leave a message


Link 1


Link 2


Link 3


don't forget to give me a way of contacting you




as i see it there are three choices, which, when permuted, give twenty-four options



announce D-man's existence through the mainstream media (Disclosure)



announce my existence publicly



get an Auditorium up and running asap




choice 1


Evolving e.t.'s interacting with us will help enable us to constrain the 2nd and 3rd Party


choice 2


it's amazing that with so many people who purport to believe in Jesus only one person had the courage of his convictions and acknowledged my existence publicly


choice 3


it isn't written in stone that the first of the new Habitations have to be built in russia


we can start the planning and the organising the new habitation's somewhere other than russia


likewise, with the first Auditorium


the first one doesn't have to be in cologne


we can begin implementing Genetic theory via the auditorium


when people begin realising what the implications are it will generate a momentum for change




if only one option is taken my preferred choice is 3


of the choices available this was the one which presented solutions to the main problems as it was being thought about