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dreams that have many scenes




a dream-drama of a thousand scenes, but no story


each scene stands alone, complete in itself


there were dozens of scenes in this dream


the dream itself was a long one, a very long one




an air of trepidation accompanied many of the scenes and every scene conveyed the need to accomplish


the big size of the sea and of the even bigger size of the city


every person was a person of courage


every thought and movement were weighed for advantages and disadvantages


never knowing if the next man would be an indispensable ally or an indefeatable foe


minds so pricked to danger they could sense the air on their feet


not knowing whether to chance bribing a guard and winning the day, for if he were a man of loyalty it would bring immediate death


men dressed in the toga-style but with the top and bottom seperated and made of sackcloth




a tumultuous sea with giant white horses, a battle could be sensed raging between the horses, but no fighting could be seen


movements of great subtlety and stealth as fingers touched

sheaved-knives and swords


tall rampart-type streets, empty and filled with caution


a woman poised, dressed stylishly, and waiting, waiting, waiting...


a man against a wall, slowly, patiently, inching his way along


another man in an enclosed area, his body cocked, ready for anything


a fearless gate-keeper confronting a would-be entrant




this dream could be this point of time of a past undulation of mammal mans evolution; it could also be this point of time of a future undulation


this dream was thoroughly enjoyable despite its theme


it was akin to a think-read dream in that oneself could will the next part of the dream to occur


unlike a think-read dream, it didn't present the dreamer with a conclusion


but can't life be viewed like that?


uncountable different parts that never conclude


based on the pde's, interpretations could be assigned to this dream

instead, it is preferred that it be left without analysis (paralysis through analysis?)


we can analyse our dreams, and the analysis can be correct


it is thought though that the points made so far and the application of the awakening common sense should be enough to get people by for this epoch


it is hoped that this is the first in a long line of epic dreams and it is thought that the best way to achieve that hope is to regard this dream as the

timeless-conscious demonstrating it's unique character


therefore, the

timeless-conscious is going to be left alone, in terms of analysis, and left to do its thing... merging with the time-conscious




within the first few seconds of this dream, the word love sounded out


the sound of the word conveyed the stamp of time


the word love could have been the first sound a baby made (possibly the baby hadn't cried when she took her first breath or had just learnt it as her first word or perhaps it was a spontaneous and simultaneous collective sentiment [a sentiment so powerful it took on form], that emanated from two or more babies (it would be a challenge to a film director to portray this scene)


there was an air of efficiency but also a professional detachment of what was probably a hospital


the dream had me at a dozen or so different places, walking along corridors, walking up stairs, standing and sitting in rooms


at about the tenth scene a single note, of what sounded like a sitar, resounded throughout the building


gradually, in very subtle ways, the air of detached efficiency started to change


first, the lighting became softer, then people, without actually saying anything, became more amenable


there wasn't the detached air of professional efficiency there was previously


people slowed as they walked past as though they wanted to stop and speak


the single note sounded again, and again subtle changes occurred


the lighting became lighter, the building looked cleaner, the women's uniforms had style


again the note played, only now the lapse of the time between one note and the previous one had shortened


the dream continued like that... every time a note sounded the intensity of congeniality improved, people walked with a more relaxed gait, smiles became more regular, little touches of cooperation could be seen, the tone of people's voices took on concern, compassion, friendliness, interest...


eventually, the notes formed a melody


the melody matched the new mood


caring dominated the drive to accomplish


love had taken residence there


the dream ended


this dream could, with the right director, be turned into a great film