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repentance means a person doesn't go to heaven nor do they go to hell


what does it mean? (read archives 1 and 2)


repentance/greetings to the repentant


in 2009 the writer asked the question "is it possible to neutralise an expression of death"


the picture "greetings to the repentant" was the lover's response


repenting after committing murder, after i die or because circumstances force you to don't count


Archive 1


Archive 2




a person who isn't aware of this knowledge and commits murder has passed the point when they could have repented but chose not to (see Ethical parameters)




whether some or all of the pictures and film we have of the Greys is of repentant greys is something which will be known in the very near future




when the reason or reasons or rationale coming out of the russian camp, which has arrived at the conclusion it is a no hope, gloom and doom inevitable future for organiser's of systematic mass murder, become known to the writer the formulations can be completed