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world war 1 happened because in 1888 germany won the contract to build the baghdad Railroad which would connect the oilfields in the middle east to central europe


this would have made germany the greatest economic power in the world and they would been able to dictate the direction of the world's economy


the wealth would have been used to improve the conditions of life for ordinary people

(go and visit germany if you want to see for yourself )


jewish and british financiers enjoy the trappings of a wealthy lifestyle and had to act to keep their lifestyle intact


world war 1 wasn't just another war in a long list of wars


it changed the view of god in the minds ordinary people


the writer, as a young boy, had conversations with pensioners who had fought in world war 1 and they all said the same thing

"if god exisited he wouldn't have let it happen"


it is important to understand that up until world war 1 it was a given that god existed


the intense suffering endured suffered by ordinary men during world war 1 changed their view of life


since world war 1 god no longer existed and once god is dead it opens the floodgates to all manner of unethical ideas and practises... "war is necessary for progress"... "men should be allowed to commit sodomy"...


world war 2


churchill realised that the worsening Poverty of the british working class would lead to a revolution as had happened in russia during world war 1


a war would both rally people by taking their minds off the hardship of family life and it would generate wealth via the production of weapons


hitler knew that the jewish/capitalist philosophy would use war to bolster its position, mainly through the the wealth produced through manufacturing weapons, and acted accordingly


"churchill instigated world war 2"

quote by stalin

sometime between 1945 and 1954